Termite Control: Sentricon versus Hex Pro

Termite Control: Sentricon versus Hex Pro

video description:
BugMaster CPCO, Austin Key, explains the difference between Sentricon Termite Elimination Bait System and Hex Pro Termite System. Key describes their Sentricon installation at The Child Advocacy Center located in Mobile, Alabama.


Today we’re here at The Child Advocacy Center of Mobile and we’re installing The Sentricon Termite System with Always Active technology. We’re replacing their existing termite protection system by Dow products called Hex-Pro. Hex-Pro worked in the manner where you had a monitoring stations strategically placed around the structure. BugMaster had to come back with some monitoring sticks in there; remove the monitoring sticks and take the termites and put in the bait foods. The Sentricon Always Active is taking those steps out of it. Now we can install the system, and you’ve got an active termite bait solution in the ground and working to protect your home from day one. BugMaster will come back on an annual basis to do your annual termite inspections and will monitor the existing Sentricon system as well. Today we’re placing 59 stations around this structure.

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