Termite Control in Sacramento Pinnacle Pest – 916-381-5793

Termite Control in Sacramento Pinnacle Pest – 916-381-5793

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Termite Control

Pinnacle Pest offers Termite control services in the greater Sacramento area of California. Pinnacle Pest currently offers the conventional liquid barrier treatment. It is a revolutionary way to treat your home or business property. With the conventional liquid barrier, our technicians will either dig a trench around the four sides of the building, or drill a small hole through the floor or concrete slab and inject the liquid chemical into the soil around or underneath the building. This method usually works in 3 months or less and it kills the termites by contact or when the termites eat substances tained with the liquid.

Pinnacle Pest technicians know how to control subterranean termites. Pinnacle also controls dry wood termites using Orange Oil. whe a dry wood termite is found, holes are drilled into the wood and orange oil is injected into the wood which then kills or elimiates the termites by contact or injestion. Our technicians also control Damp wood termites by locating the source of moisture which caused the infestation and correcting the issue.

Pinnacle offers termite inspection services in Sacramento. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, examining your business or home. In addition to termites, the inspector will also be looking for fungus (dry-rot), water damage, wood destroying organisms, plumbing leaks and earth to wood contact. Following the inspection we will provide an estimated cost to take care of any problems found, along with a full report of the home.

For anymore questions regarding termite control in your home or business in Sacramento? Call us or visit our website:http://pinnaclepest.com/termite-control/

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