St. George Utah Termite Control – Ant vs.Termite

St. George Utah Termite Control – Ant vs.Termite

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Hi, I am Wade from Western Pest Control – Your favorite Southern Utah Pest Control Company. Today I want to about the difference between a Termite and an Ant when you find them in your home. Sometimes it is hard to find out if the insects your finding your home if they are ants or if they are termites. There is a couple of little things that you can do to know if it is an ant or it is a termite. First thing is that ants have a head, then they have abdomin and then they have a thorax. So they have 3 individual sections to their bodies. Where a termite will have a head and then an elongated body, and only have those two sections and not have three individual sections. The second way to tell is an ant will have two sets of wings on either side, but one of them will be shorter. It will have a long wing and a short wing on each side. Where a termite will have two wings on each side that are the same length. That is an easy way to tell if you are looking at the wings. The third way is what you are finding around the problem. Sometimes you do not have the insect itself right there. Sometimes you just have dirt or sawdust or whatever. Whereas termites, if they are subterranean termites they’ll come up through the ground and they will bring a little bit of moisture with them. So it will kind of be muddy in some areas. But they will also have some structure to their mud tubes. Ants don’t necessarily build that. So if you are finding mud tubes, that is probably termites. Where if you are finding just dirt and sand kind of piled there, that is probably ants. The other thing you can look for is we have drywood termites here which are different than subterranean. Drywood termites will put out little tiny pellets. They look like saw dust but it is actually, if you look really close, it will look like little six sided eggs. Only about a thirty second of an inch long. So they are really really small. Those are definitely termites. If it is sawdust or papery or it looks like it has been chewed up or whatever, that is going to be something else and not necessarily termites. I hope this has helped. Southern Utah has both termites we do pest control for and ants we do pest control for – and we do it every day. If you have any questions, you can call us directly. Our office is here in Washington, Utah it is 435-673-8300 or you can find us on the web at Hope this helps and have a great day.

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