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Houston Termite Control – Call (713) 956-7822 ‎~ Houston Termite Control

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Houston Termite Control Saves Millions Of Dollars Every Year

For the most part the biggest financial investment most Houstonians will have during their lifetime will be the home that they purchase to live in for the rest of their lives, or for at least five to ten years. The cost of ownership with just about anything we purchase goes up every year, but with real estate it is imperative to maintain the structural soundness of one’s home, in order to be able to sell it at a profit, or just keep repair costs down, and your family’s safety in check. Wood eating termites, and carpenter ants are the two most hated insects of real estate investors, as they can take a home that has been empty for long periods of time, and completely destroy the entire structure in just months.

Houston Termite Control:

Believe it or not, many people that are trying to sell a house in Harris County, will move on to the new home while the old one is on the market, and then forget about calling a pest control Houston service to come out and do inspections, and treat the home while waiting for prospective buyers. This is why home mortgage companies require reports from exterminators before approving loans to verify that the home is in such disrepair that the new owners would go bankrupt trying to fix the damages.

Just imagine the damages that would occur each and every year, if twenty or thirty percent of the homeowners in the Houston Texas area decided to forego their annual termite inspection, and Houston termite control and treatment. Just a few hundred dollars of prevention, can save tens of thousands of dollars for each real property that is lived in with the city limits.

It is actually best to have a Houston termite control specialist come out to your new home, and do an independent inspection on top of the home inspectors due diligence. Home inspection services can catch the most obvious wood damage, but a trained exterminator that has experience will do a more thorough and detail audit of the home before signing off on it being termite free.

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