Expert Termite Control Toms River NJ (732)504-3758

Expert Termite Control Toms River NJ (732)504-3758

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Expert Termite Control oms River NJ

Providing the best termite control in Middletown NJ Ozane Termite and Pest Control, a Certified Sentricon Specialist, shows the difference between bait vs liquid termite treatments and how the Sentricon System can best protect homes in Monmouth County and Ocean County NJ. Call 732-504-3758 or visit

Termites are smart.

You’re smarter.Termites have survived since the days of the dinosaurs. The queen and king produce a steady stream of offspring. Workers find food sources and bring it back to the rest of the colony. Soldiers defend the colony. Reproductives create new colony members, and swarmers leave the colony to begin new ones. To keep things running smoothly, termites use specialized chemical signals. These chemical signals not only lead workers to good food sources but also warn if there is a threat. With bait termites prefer even more than wood, the Sentricon® System is smart science and an ally in helping you destroy your enemy.

Sentricon is smart science.

Sentricon defeats termites at their own game. They feed readily on it but never detect the threat – not even while the patented active ingredient is taking away their ability to eat, survive or breed. They never catch on. The result is death to the queen and her colony.It’s revolutionary.Sentricon takes the fight to the colony better than liquid insecticides by killing the colony and the queen. And it’s the first and only termite product to be awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.Expert help. Unmatched results.Expert results are ensured by your Certified Sentricon Specialist who has been qualified to use Sentricon to eliminate and prevent termite attack. He or she will install and maintain a ring of Sentricon stations around your home. Your Certified Sentricon Specialist will protect your home from termites. You gain the peace of mind that comes from the No. 1 brand in termite protection.

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