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Details: So apparently when the weather in spring time starts to get warmer it becomes “Termite Mating Seasons.” With that said I have hundreds of Termites coming into my house to look for a mate and it was driving me crazy. I had already treated my entire house with “Termidor” using the trench method, treated the inside of a couple walls and still the termites were coming in. My last resort was to kill the termites from under the house with Borax which is all natural product that kills termites. Borax is traditionally used to enhance your laundry detergent and dish washer, but at the same time it kills termites. Growing up I was always doing construction and remodeling work with my parents and grandparents so working with my hands is pretty normal. If you’re interested in knowing what I did here you go:

Wood Treatment
1. Boiled 3 gallons of water with a box of Borax
2. Put mixture in a sprayer
3. Sprayed all wood under house.

Subterranean Termite Nest Treatment: When I found a nest(Long brown mud tubes) I took the boiling hot Borax mixture and poured it on the nest.

Anyways, just a fun video to make a hard job look a little better. See yall next time!

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