Bongiorno Termite Control- Diamond Certified Video Profile

Bongiorno Termite Control- Diamond Certified Video Profile

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For more information, contact them at (925) 364-5488.

Bongiorno Termite Control is a full-service termite company that provides inspections, treatments and repairs for residential clients in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. The company’s subterranean termite treatment consists of a chemical barrier that protects structures for up to 10 years if left undisturbed. It can also provide local treatments that are designed to eradicate dry wood termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and fungus/dry rot.

Owner Andrew Bongiorno says his favorite part of the termite control business is interacting with clients and helping them understand the specifics of their infestations. “I always make sure I’m accessible to my clients, which is important for establishing trust. When a customer calls me with a question, they know I’m going to immediately answer it, and they appreciate that type of direct communication.”

Bongiorno Termite Control also works with realtors and their clients to ensure their homes are termitefree before going on the market. “We’re an affiliate of the Delta Association of Realtors, and we even have a Supra Key so we can conveniently access properties,” explains Mr. Bongiorno. “We strive to provide high-quality termite inspections and treatments that make the home selling process as easy as possible for our clients.”

Company Philosophy

“Our number one goal is to provide every customer with good, honest work at a fair price. We’ve always maintained a high level of honesty and integrity in everything we do, and that has allowed us to build lasting relationships with our clients and gain their referrals.”

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