How to Get Rid of Insects and Pests


As the summer season nears, there are a lot of things to be excited about. However, seeing those nasty insects and pests isn’t really one of those exciting things. The thing with most bugs and pesky creatures is that they start appearing in summer. But you can’t let them ruin your days, right? So here is a bunch of tips on how to make sure these filthy creatures won’t be thriving in your home.

Flies and Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes need one important thing to be able to live and breed: water. So if you have lots of standing water, you’ll end up creating a hospitable environment for them. In order to keep mosquitoes from breeding, be sure you’re eliminating as many sources as possible. Aside from water sources, cut grass and weeds short and keep your screens in good condition so that they can’t enter your living space.

Houseflies on the other hand love the hot summer season. They breed by laying eggs in garbage, lawn clippings, soil, sewage, animal waste, rotting food, and water. Therefore, you will need to get rid of all yard litter so as to prevent them from breeding. All foods inside your home must be sealed because they find it very interesting and they wind up flying across the room to look for that smell.


carpenter ant infestation

carpenter ant infestation

Seeing an army of ants marching in your kitchen floor is quite disappointing. But you can prevent this kind of problem from turning into the worse. Use borax powder or boric acid and sprinkle it around the entrances to your home and the visible trails. Inside, dust the infested areas with a mixture of boric acid, flour, cornmeal or sugar. Be sure though that you put a temporary barrier in order to keep your children and pets from touching the powder. The ants will carry the grains of mixture back to their nest. Once they feed on it, they’ll die.

Also, ants are attracted to food, so all surfaces must be wiped clean so that they won’t find any reason to go back to the kitchen.

Bees and Wasps

Of all the insects and pests that can invade your home, bees and wasps carry the potential of pain and hurt. These nuisances are usually found in trash cans, drinks, and food. When you get near them, they might sting you and cause a lot of pain. So what you want to do when it comes pest control is remove the source of their temptation and they’ll disappear. While they don’t really intend to make a home inside your home, the nests are usually found near you, in and around buildings and under eaves or in attics and bushes. If you see a nest, you will need a commercial product from your nearby hardware or home improvement store. This product usually comes in a spray bottle. But if there’s a need to remove the nest, call a licensed and professional pest exterminator.

Roaches and Silverfish

These two are usually seen thriving in warm and humid areas. Also, they both love the dark. When pests thrive in the dark like roaches do, they become harder to eliminate because every dark area becomes their hiding place. In order to seal wall openings around water pipes, you can simply use duct tape. And because they love to feed on crumbs, pet food, wax, paper, or even glue, you will need to keep those things out of their reach. The best way to prevent them from thriving is taking away their food sources.

silverfishSilverfish on the other hand love foods rich in starch. They also fancy things like wallpaper, magazines, and books, even synthetic fabric and starched clothing. In order to kill them, prepare a solution made up of oatmeal, granulated sugar, salt, and powdered boric acid. Put the mixture in shallow containers and place those containers near their hiding spots. Cover it with crumples pieces of paper so that they’ll eat the paper along with the bait, killing them in the process.

If you know how to deal with all sorts of pests and insects in your home, you no longer have to worry about infestations. The key is transforming your home or living space into something that these creatures won’t find as an ideal breeding ground.