How Do You Get Bed Bugs? | Bug Bully Pest Control | Bed Bug Elimination in Worcester, MA

How Do You Get Bed Bugs? | Bug Bully Pest Control | Bed Bug Elimination in Worcester, MA

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How do you get Bed Bugs?

I was out at an apartment complex the other day for a complaint about possible bed bugs.

A lot of the tenants were complaining that they were getting bites on them. So I got out my flashlight and started to inspect the beds for bed bug activity.

I checked the box springs, the headboards, and all of the other common bed bug hiding spots. But I didn’t find activity anywhere. So I placed out some monitors and then made my way back to the lobby area.

As I walked into the lobby I noticed that there was an older couple playing a game of chess. They said that they were on their second game and that they usually play chess for four to five hours a day.

They also told me that many of the tenants like to hang out in the lobby. And that’s when it hit me; the bed bugs might be in the lobby furniture.

I grabbed one of the chairs and turned it upside down, sure enough it was infested with bed bugs. All of the bed bug activity that they were complaining about was coming from the lobby furniture. And it wasn’t just one or two – there were hundreds of bugs spread out between six chairs and one couch.

The occupants of the building had spent a lot of time in the lobby area, which gave the bed bugs plenty of time to feed on them and then retreat back into their hiding spots underneath the chairs.

Bed bugs are not always found in beds. They can hide anywhere that a host will be stationary for a period of time allowing them to feed.

The scary thing about this situation is that anyone who sat down in the lobby could potentially get bed bugs on them and take them home. This is one of the common ways that people get bed bugs.

How do you get bed bugs way #1:

Unknowingly sitting down or placing your belongings into an area that is infested with bed bugs. The bugs will then climb out of their hiding spots and onto you or your belongings. Now the bed bugs can easily be taken home.

Prevention tip: Visually inspect an area before sitting down. Check underneath seams along couches and chairs, especially if you plan to sit down for an extended period of time.

Often times when people find out that they have bed bugs they will throw all of their furniture away (even if it looks brand new). Other people will come by thinking that someone threw away a brand new piece of furniture. They will take the discarded furniture home with them only soon to realize that there was a reason why someone threw the furniture away in the first place.

How do you get bed bugs way #2:

Picking up used furniture that is infested with bed bugs and bringing it home.

Prevention tip #2: Do not pick up used furniture unless you inspect it first for bed bugs.

The last most common way that you can get bed bugs is by people unknowingly carrying them around.
For example: when someone is living in an area with a heavy bed bug infestation (as seen in the video below) the bed bugs will be on their clothing and in their belongings. When they go to a movie theater or if they take their luggage or other items into a hotel room – the bed bugs that are on them will crawl off of them into the new environment. This is a common way that bed bugs are transported and introduced to new environments.

How do you get bug bugs way #3:

They will crawl off of someone and then be introduced into a new environment.

Prevention tip #3: If you are staying in a hotel – always inspect the bed for bed bug activity.

If you do think that you might be experiencing a bed bug problem – it is best to have it inspected/treated right away. It is much easier to treat when there are only a few bed bugs present.