Best Bed Bug Control: How To Exterminate Bed Bugs Levittown PA

Best Bed Bug Control: How To Exterminate Bed Bugs Levittown PA

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The best bed bug treatment for overall success in most instances is thermal heat coupled with a professionally applied residual compound. This treatment approach is often recommended by authorities and confirmed by our hands-on experience that we have acquired by treating Levittown PA area homes and businesses.

When properly performed, a heat treatment will encompass an entire area, penetrating cracks, crevices, furniture, carpeting,
and appliances, with temperatures lethal enough to kill all existing bed bugs and their eggs. Then, to help protect against future problems, professional-grade residuals are strategically used by experienced technicians to safeguard against re-infestation.

A secondary method for successful bed bug elimination is the standard chemical treatment. Here, a bed bug infestation is
treated with professional-grade liquids and powders applied by an experienced technician. These specialized insecticides and residuals have the ability to kill an existing bed bug population and help to ensure against future occurrences.

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