Bed Bug Control: Where to Spray for Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control: Where to Spray for Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are among the most frustrating and difficult pests to control. If you have spotted one, you will want to start treatment immediately because they multiply rapidly.

But before carrying out any kind of chemical or non-chemical control for bed bugs, it is important to first know exactly where to treat.

Unlike roaches or ants, bed bugs are not attracted to baits so you must treat directly where they harbor. The best way to start is to divide your treatment area into two classifications: Primary and Secondary treatment areas.

A primary area will be where you sleep and rest frequently. This will include your mattress, box spring, bed frame, and headboard or footboard.

Secondary areas will include: nightstands, dressers or armoires, chairs, behind baseboards, behind electrical plates, inside lamps or clocks, behind picture frames or curtains, and in any carpets or rugs.

You will want to check each area thoroughly, looking for droppings, molted skin shells, bloodstains on your sheets or mattress, and any actual bed bug activity. Bed bugs like to hide in tight spaces, so be sure to focus on those spots when doing your inspection and treatment.

First, check the lining or any tufts in your mattress. You can run your fingers along conducive spots to pick up and easily identify any droppings or skin shells. Then check behind your headboard or footboard, inside and under your bed frame. And don’t forget to check inside your box spring.

Move on to secondary areas by checking behind or inside any nightstands and dressers, under clocks and lamps, behind electrical plates, and behind or inside wall decor. Use a flat-ended object and check where carpeting meets baseboards. And check the inside of electronics.

Don’t forget to check and treat areas in the home that you or others frequent, like living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and most importantly, other bedrooms.

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to get rid of, but knowing where to spray and taking the pesticide directly to them will put you one step closer to eliminating your bed bug problem.

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